Infrastructure: Site Development: Projects

Flint Hill Resources East Plant Parking Lot

Project involved the reconstruction of 10,000 feet of a two lane asphalt roadway as a two lane asphalt roadway with an upgraded pavement section designed to accommodate increased traffic flows. Improvements included re-graded roadside ditches, driveway culverts, traffic signage and pavement markings. Survey and right of way acquisition parcel maps were also provided for the project. Construction observation was performed which included coordination of gas pipeline relocations and gas pipeline abandonment.

Port of Corpus Christi Fire Protection and Potable Water Rehabilitation

The project consisted of preparing construction plans and specifications for designing new piping,

replacing fire hydrant, rehabilitating existing pipe with surface preparation and applying a coating system for fire protection and potable water pipe lines at the Port of Corpus Christi Authority Oil Docks 1, 2, 6, 12 and Cargo Docks 1 & 2. Construction Cost: $1,500,000.

ADA Improvements Group 2

Design of upgrade for existing City sidewalks, bus pads, and wheelchair ramps to meet ADA accessibility standards. Project was funded by a combination of City and Federal grant money. Design elements included providing grading and drainage plan for 20,000 feet of sidewalks, as well as grading for 17,000 square feet of wheel chair ramps, grading for 4,000 feet of curb and the pavement design for 15 bus stop pads at existing bus stops. A storm water pollution prevention plan was created for areas that would affect the City’s storm water drainage system.

Flint Hills Resources San Antonio Terminal Truck Entrance

Design of 13 acres of additional concrete driveway and parking area for industrial facility. Included design of a new storm water drainage ditches, driveway culverts and inlet.

Downtown Revitalization project

Engineering services to upgrade the downtown streets, sidewalks and utilities in connection with traffic flow and parking. Our services included civil, water/ sanitary/ storm water/ gas lines, bid phase assistance and construction clarifications.

Northside / Port Area Infrastructure Improvement Project

The project consists of the reconstruction of portions of N. Tancahua Street and Power Street along with the rehabilitation of portions of E. Port Avenue. Included in the project were sanitary sewer improvements, storm water improvements and waterline improvements.

Joe Fulton International Trade Corridor

The project consists of seven miles of road and railroad construction. Included in this project were storm water improvements, soil stabilization improvements, drain design, sucharging of existing soils and waterline improvements.