Infrastructure: Maritime

maritime1MEI Maverick Engineering, a wholly owned subsidiary of Triple 5 Worldwide, has the capabilities and expertise to provide safe, innovative solutions for waterways, ports, and other waterfront facilities. Our engineering and design capabilities include:

  • Port Planning
  • Port Facilities
  • Marine Services
  • Coastal Facilities
  • Other services

Port Planning

MEI has can provide all your feasibility and development studies and planning, including master planning, strategic planning, and planning for facilities, transportation, and operations.

Port Facilities


MEI can provide the cost-effective, innovative designs for a variety of port facilities, including:

  • Oil / Gas terminals
  • Container terminals
  • RoRo terminals
  • Dry Bulk Terminals
  • Marinas
  • Inland Logistics Centers
  • Rail facilities
  • Material-offloading facilities
  • Project cargo facilities

Marine Services

MEI can provide the cost-effective, innovative designs for a variety of marine services, including:

  • Dredging & reclamation
  • Seawater intakes & outfalls
  • Construction, mitigation, and restoration of wetlands
  • Navigation and mooring
  • Marine structures
  • Waterfront developments
  • Canals

Coastal Facilities

MEI’s can be an asset on your coastal facilities needs through quality engineering and design, including:

  • Coastal zone management
  • Coastal protection – breakwaters / revetments
  • Numerical modeling
  • Beach management and design

Other Services

MEI can expedite a successful marine project for our clients through the following services:

  • Industry leading Program and Project Management
  • Engineering Design with an emphasis on quality and safety
  • Cost effective Construction Management
  • Security
  • Information Technology Integration
  • Integration of Roads and Transportation infrastructure
  • Utilities to support your facility
  • Environmental remediation

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