Oil & Gas: Offshore Production: Platforms

platform topsidesThe design of topside modules and processing equipment for offshore platforms is a fundamental area of expertise within MEI Maverick Engineering. MEI’s topside design will provide safe and reliable operation under a variety of climate, water and reservoir conditions. MEI’s offshore platform capabilities include:

  • Integrated decks
  • Wellhead platforms
  • Normally unmanned installation (NUI) platforms
  • Compression platforms
  • High pressure / high temperature platforms

MEI has a complete range of engineering and design capabilities, which gives the customer a single source responsible for all management and engineering facets of your project. MEI’s scope of services covers all stages of offshore projects, including:

MEI offers an uncomplicated, straightforward design that will minimize your capital budget and lower your operating costs. However, first and foremost, MEI designs place a high premium on safety. These factors demonstrate the capability of MEI to provide the safest and most cost effective project designs.