Project Management: Contracting Strategy

MEI Maverick Engineering is your reliable partner when you need external resources to plan and execute projects. We understand our client’s need for flexibility and provide support from individual expertise to turnkey EPC solutions. As the project scope(s) are better defined, our client’s total workload and availability of internal resources are reviewed and a contracting of external resources are recommended. Typically this recommendation is made at the end of FEL-2 and embodied within the Project Execution Plan. We use a Contracting Strategy template based on our Phased Gated Approach.

The key drivers for selection of the right strategy depend on:

  • Scope of Work
  • Schedule
  • Availability and size of Client’s internal resources
  • Distribution of Risk between Client and Contractor

Overview of Contracting Strategies

Project PhasesStaff Augmentation Time + MaterialLump SumEPCBOO
1. Concept Design Maybe Yes Maybe No No
2. Preliminary Engineering Maybe Yes Maybe No No
3. Basic Engineering & AFE No Yes Yes Maybe Maybe
4. Detailed Engineering No Yes Yes Yes Yes
5. Construction No Yes Yes Yes Yes
6. Commissioning Maybe Yes Maybe Yes Yes
7. Procurement Yes Yes No Yes Yes
8. Project Management Maybe Yes No Yes Yes